Wednesday, July 20, 2016

One Fine Day

Holaaaaaa.. Long time no see. I'm truly sorry for too long not updated my blog, I think it's almost 10 months..Ooopppsss!! Yup.. Now I'm just an ordinary new mom with one daughter named Chiara Charlotte Yung, She was 10 months almost 11 months. I am so exciting to take care my lil princess, She's the best gift I've ever had in my life..Thanks God!! This is just a lil' bit story about my princess, I will update her photo soon :)

I went to the Odysseia (one of the famous restaurant in Jakarta) with my twins and of course with our kids. We just ordered mocktails and cakes because we had our lunch in another restaurant before we go to Odysseia. I love the ambiance and their dessert :) 
If you guys in Jakarta, you should try!

And this is my outfit, I wore this black and white look with touch of feminin on my white lacely blouse, I always love all about stripes and one of them I really love my striped trouser, because I look tall with those trouser :) Everything looks good with striped trouser, Trust me :)

Lacely Blouse - Mischelle Collection
Trouser - Zara
Black Wedges - New Look