Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I just felt in love with black and white lately. I found this skirt on my closet which  I never wear before. I bought this skirt from QSAhardwear and when I found it, I ask my boyfriend to take some photoshoot, (well, he's free anyway) and actually he wants to try his new toy. He just bought Strobis (something like blitz for his photoshoot job, but I don't know for sure) so we're doing this photoshoot just for fun.. Do you guys like the results?

Pinafore - QSAhardwear
Flower Crown - Forever21
Boots - DM

Photo by Albert Winata

Thursday, January 2, 2014

First Vintage in 2014

Let's pray for a year
with new Peace & Contentment,
New Fortune & Friends.
God Bless you through all out 2014
Have an unforgettable New Year 2014.

~ Anonymous ~

Hey Ho People ! Welcome in 2014. Hope this year we can be more do some positive things. How you guys spend your New Year Eve yesterday? It would be so fun, rite? I just go for ate Korean BBQ at Seorae with my bf and another friends, really recomended!  After that we just chilled out at Gastro-Alley, we try Flamming, Rose Beer, Tequilla Sunrise, Whisky Cola, and many more. I enjoyed Dj's music from another cafe and took some pictures with friends until the fireworks on 00.00 AM, how beautiful night !

For the first post in 2014, I got this Sweet Bowknot Embellished Women's Straw Hat  from  DressLily .  I really excited when the packages come! I love the quality of straw, so soft-touched and love the bowknot , makes me look sweet when I wore it. I promise this straw hat will be my favorite stuff and I will bring it everytime & everywhere I go. Just go to their website Dress Lily.

Straw Hat c/o Dress Lily
Peach Halter Neck - Thrifted
Vintage Skirt c/o @sevendecember (instagram)
Sunnies - @stylecorner_shop (instagram)
Straw Bag - Bali
Wedges - Charles&Keith

Photos by Albert Winata