Saturday, December 28, 2013

Set Me Free !

Happy Merry Christmas 2013 everyone !! May the spirit of Christmas brought you peace, The gladness of  Christmas gave you hope , The warmth of Christmas granted you love. Can't wait to celebrate New Year 2014. Hope next year we can be so much better than this year !

 And then, today I wore my super comfort Vintage Inclined Zipper Slim Leather Jacket from Persunmall . I'm so glad when I got the package because the real product more than interesting and awesome. I really love the pattern (fitting) , makes me more look skinny and the fabric was quite soft and warm. They have a good quality of leather. and I really love the cutting on the sleeve and piping & cutting detail on the shoulder and asymmetrical opening zipper on the front with 2 resletings pocket . The color too interesting of monochromatic touch. This is very awesome guys. Just go to their website now : Persunmall.

Vintage Inclined Zipper Slim Leather Jacket c/o Persunmall
Crop Top - Stradivarius
Hat - PullnBear

Super warm and comfort Women's Fashional Solid Color Zipper Embellished Flounching Hem Chiffon Pantskirt from Dress Lily. I really love the pleats detail on the front, it's quite interesting, love the fabric too, so soft-touched skin. Chiffon are the great fabric for this volume and love the length not too short and not too long, the color are perfectly! When I wore this Pantskirt, I feel my leg more skinny and more length. I promise I can wear this Pantskirt oftentimes. They have an amazing price and you should go to their website : Dress Lily

Taaaa-daaaaa !!! Keep rocking with this pair of  shoes ! Vintage Women's Black Boots with Chunky Heel and Lace-Up Design from Sammy Dress. I can't stop surprising until now when I look this boots. They have a good quality of leather so when I wore this boots my feet still comfort all day long, shoe soles are really interesting with the stripes scratch detail, really recommended. Sammy Dress have so much collections on their website, good quality and of course with the interesting price.
Do you know how much for this pair of boots? just $14,92, that's the big deal rite? Ok, just go to their website now : Sammy Dress.

Photos by Albert Winata

Thursday, December 19, 2013

City of Dreams

City of Dreams, Yes I really love and can't move on from this song (by Alesso). Last week I attended Djakarta Warehouse Project (DWP), unforgotable moment ! Waitings in a couple hours, Dancing in the rain, Lightings in the dark, that I can describe when I enjoyed this concert! Should come on DWP#14 next year, yeayy !

I used my super comfort sweater in a cold rainy day in Jakarta. I love the scratch detail and for the earth color.  I mixed it with my black bodycon dress and then I completed it with my lovely Dr. Martens, hat and sunnies . What a day ! I really love my comfort look. Ok, this is my warm look in Jakarta, and how 'bout you guys? Just show it ! ;)
Sweater - (X)SML
Dress - Forever21
Sunnies - @stylecorner_shop (instagram)
Hat - Pullnbear
Boots - DM

Photos by Albert Winata

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rock'in Flower

Rock'in Flower ! That's the best theme for this post. I really love my new top, gift from my boyf's mom. By the way, I wore this outfit to attended 1st OOTD INDO gathering last Sunday at FX Lifestyle X'center. It was very fun and awesome, I met with many Indonesian bloggers and took some photos with them. Hope the next gathering will be more fantastic and you guys Indonesian bloggers should join. For more photos you can check and follow my instagram account : @novarinna . And then tommorow I will attend DWP concert (December 13th, 2013), Yeaaayyyyyy ! Hope it will be fun !!

Skirt - Zara
Hat - PullnBear
Sunnies - @stylecorner_shop

Photos by : Albert Winata

Monday, December 2, 2013

Quilted Cross

Hellow Monday! How's you spent your weekend guys? I've been out of town just for 2 days 1 nite. I got this photoshoot on the hotel where I stayed. And this is it !! I used my favorite online shopping :  PERSUNMALL. I love my Cross Rivet Cotton Vest, the fabric was so quite nice, soft and good fitting. They have a good quality of print and I really love rivets detail on the print, perfect match ! I just wore the skirt Vintage Pure Color Stretchy Two Piece Suit . The skirt really have a good quality fabric, love the quilted fabric detail , perfect fitting and volume and so soft-touch on the inner. This 2 things really made my day. So make sure you guys should visit their website : PERSUNMALL.

Cross Rivet Cotton Vest c/o Persunmall
Vintage Pure Color Stretchy Two Piece Suit c/o Persunmall
Boyfriend Tartan Cardi - Forever21
Boots - New Look

Photos by Albert Winata
Just click his new photography website (still 70% done) !

Monday, November 25, 2013

Purple Baroque

I'm a lil' bit sad about gained weight, seriously I will go diet! I took this photo is about 2 tweek ago, Until now my diet is going well, hope next photo result come up good ! By the way, I really love this outfit, so comfy. I really love this gold peplum, the fabric quite soft-touch and good quality, love the color too.
I got this purple baroque from Uniqlo, I really love the fitted. Love the textures, colors and soft touch! It's complete made my day !

Gold Peplum - Sg
Peplum Baroque - Uniqlo
Heels - Trash
Bag - Zara

Monday, November 18, 2013

Quilted Twins

Quilted Twinnie is a best theme for this post. Yesss! I really love my new Vintage Pure Color Stretchy Two Piece Suit from Persunmall. The fabric is a lil' bit thick and heavy but really soft-touch, so that's why they have a perfect volume, friendly into my skin and suits me well. I swear I will full-take care for this lovely cloth. I believe you will no regret to have this one on your closet. I really really recomended ! Just go to their website : Persunmall.

Vintage Pure Color Stretchy Two Piece Suit c/o Persunmall
Felt Hat Chain - Pull n Bear
Bag - Zara
Boots - New Look

This is my fake cute twinnie, Yessss, She is Czle. This is the first time we took a photo together, our personality style with the same dress. We had a great time even though the weather was so annoyed! Just check it out.

Photo by - Albert Winata

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Classy Purple

I'm kinda busy these day for making a concept for office collection (January - Maret collection) and making some proposal to meeting with Matahari Department Store next week. After that I should make some concept for April-June 2014 collection and design. Hope everything going well. I really enjoy my new work.
Well, I really love this dress. They have a good fitting, color, fabric and good volume. Suits me well. Before I do the photoshoot, I'm having lunch at Ancol Mall, I was really amazed by the view. And ohh! At the same time when I was doing this photoshoot, so many couple doing their prewedding photoshoot. So lovely !
Purple Dress - Ciel
Clutch - Zara
Shoes - Zara

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Jeans vs Fake Leather

Jeans vs Fake Leather , I think that the best theme's name for my post. I really love my jumpsuit jeans that I bought in Sg. The fabric quite soft and love the detail on shoulder and back. I combined with the fake leather jacket that I got as my present from my best friends a few year ago. And for the first time I took my outfit shots in front of my house and I think that's not bad view. Ok, this is my look, hope you enjoy it !

I really love details on shoulder and back, It look more rebel's sexy not wild. I really really love it, don't you?

Jumpsuit - Pull n Bear
Fake Leather Jacket - Gaudi
Beanie - Trifted
Boots - New Look
Photos by Albert Winata

At November 2nd, I celebrated my birthday with my bf and his brotha with his gf. I had a dinner in Moovina. I really love that place, so warm and comfortable. They have a nice concept with rattan white / grey couches and the garden theme. I really enjoyed my dinner. you guys should try :)
 Sorry if the result photos too bad,because it's a lil' bit dark there. The place cute and comfortable, rite?

 Filetto Di Vitello Al Tartufo

Risotto Ai Frutti Di Mare

Ice Lychee Tea + Fruit Punch