Sunday, August 12, 2012

Nami Island

Yuuppp...this post is still about my vacation in Seoul , Korea..
Nami Island is one of many island you should  go in Korea.. 
and do you know drama korea movie series name "Winter Sonata", The Location is in here :)
Winter Sonata is one of romantic film that i ever watched..and u guys have to watch that movie..
Check it out ;p

Almost all people ever going to Nami Island ,
will write their name and their country and their opinion about that place in the note wood.
Of course i've noted..;)

Just a little bit unique direction of places (map)

Our rental bicycle to running around that island

The Power Colorfull of Tree

Partner in Crime 

What's that mean?? i really can't understand..hahahaha..

 Outfit of the Day
Leather Jacket - Gaudi
Brown Syal - Syal
Legging - Random in Seoul

Hope u guys enjoy my photo of my trip ;)


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