Thursday, August 9, 2012

Korea Trip !!

Haiiii Guys...This is the first  post on my blog..This is about my trip in Korea with my Gorgeous Friends, 
Really excited .. 8 days and 7 nights we stayed in Seoul...We did self adventure, only use map and guide book.
We did a lot of so much fun in there, go to Palace, DMZ , Lotte World , Club, and so much more.

Here We Go..!! :)

Yeahhh.. Friends Guest House (Hanok) the place that we stayed.. Recomended..
 Ahjuma (Aunty) is really nice person :)

This is it... Our 1st dinner after we arrived and check in..

I want to show u guys how cute decoration cafe in there :)

Next I'll show u some Palaces in Seoul

ChangDeokGung Palace

GyeongBokGung Palace

JongMyo Palace

DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)
The DMZ is the zone of interval's 4 km around the soldier boundary line between north and south

Which the Seoul - Pyeongyang railroad have passed

Me and Airin take a picture with two soldiers >0< 

CheongGyeCheon Stream / Wishing Well
    Throw the coin and make a wish :)

Me, Ria and two guys friend from Singapore 

N Tower, a landmark of Seoul
It is the best observatory space of Seoul, Where you can appreciate all the panoramic scenery of Seoul
with cutting edge media display with various culture

Tree of Hope
Just Write your bf or gf name and write in the love card your wish list of your relationship :)

Outfit of the Day

LBD - Zara
Cream Trench Coat - Coat
Legging - Korea
Grey Postman bag - Bag

Oke guys..That's the photo I selected to show u guys..
Hope u guys enjoy it :)
Oooppss... I have 2 amazing places (LOTTE WORLD & NAMI ISLAND) in Seoul, Korea
Will upload in next day...just wait n see ;) 


  1. Ah! I've always wanted to go to Korea! Mainly because of my odd obsession with Kpop artists, especially Rain *swoons*. Guess I'll live vicariously through you!

    1. OMG...YOU HAVE TO GO THERE...SERIOUSLY..hahahahha
      Korea is really amazing, the place is really beautiful specially NAMI ISLAND..<--- i will post the photo next day :)
      So just wait 'n see domi ;)

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  3. You are so lucky! South Korea is one of my dream destinations. I am a fan of Korean shows and every time, I always get amazed whenever they feature some of their best tourist attractions.

    1. Yes i am, hehehehe..korea is so awesome..maybe u can search on youtube " nanta show " , the show is really amazing..

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  5. Wow! I'm so jealous, it looks like you had an amazing time and it's gorgeous!! I would love to go sometime.

    elle - xo

    1. U have to go there elle, it was so amazing ❤❤

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  7. Really great pics, I wish I could visit the place.. Btw you got a new follower,plz do check out my blog and I'd love it if you would leave me a comment there. Thanks.