Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Play with Gladiator

Finally I have a new post! I'm so sorry for missed 2 weeks post, because I had some traffic schedule to be completed. Yupp and I just finished it for like 20%, should be having more passion to finish another 80% more .Yesterday was a special day for me, I got "Love" necklace from my boyfriend's family, They came to my house to intoduce themselves to my family and proposed me to be their soon-daughter in law. I'm so happy exactly, I hope everything goes smoothly.
And then guess what makes me more excited? I got a package from Zalora, yesssss I got my new baby Gladiator Heel Sandals, it's really fits me well, love the fabric and it's so comfortable. Who doesn't know about Zalora? I think you guys must have been familiar with Zalora (especially Indonesian people). Ok let me introduce to you guys more spesific : Zalora is the largest online fashion shopping website in Indonesia that can help you to find a Men's Fashion & Women's Fashion with an affordable price. They are selling so much stuff like clothes, shoes, bag, watch, accessories, etc with a local and internasional brand, you can check the list brand in here. Zalora gave you a special offers, they have a free shipping to all over Indonesia and they have a COD stystem, it's so interesting, easy and trusted rite? Ok.. don't think twice guys! You can buy anything about fashion with only one click : www.zalora.co.id. See you on my next post, of course with Zalora again. 
Happy Shopping !!

Top - Mango
White Trouser - Uniqlo
Hat - PullnBear
Gladiator Heel Sandals c/o Zalora


Photo by Albert Winata

Monday, March 24, 2014

Pretty for Less

Hellow fellas ! how's you spent your weekend? It would be amazing, right? I spent my weekend with another blogger fellas watched RAD fashion show at Kare, Senayan City, organized by Fashiontv. It was super amazing event because I can meet up with another pretty blogger in Jakarta.

After that I was really really happy with the surprise !!! I got this pair of gladiator heel sandals from Pretty for Less. This is super comfort heels that I've ever had, good quality of fabric and they have a good structure of shoes. I used it for all long my Sunday and i didn't find any scratch on my feet. Ahhh what a good boots !! *happy faces* :D
 What is Pretty for Less means? Which have to be expensive is the style not the goods, all ladies can be pretty amazing without have to use an expensive stuffSo they have a solution that you are the girl can still up to date with the latest fashion / style but still can get an affordable price.

Here is the detail :
- First Hand.
- You can request as you like (size, design, colour, heels, and fabric).
- 85 - 95% similarity.
- Production process ± 15 days.
- Good quality & best price.
- Nice service & trusted seller.

And then they provide specials discount for your very first purchase (per person) if you like their Facebook fan page (click here) and follow their twitter (click here). The owner is really kind, She can give more discount if you give the testimonial and post your photo ( Upload on FB, Twitter, Blog, Instagram) with their stuff. yeaaaayyy!! It's really Pretty for Less, right ? So what are you waiting for ? 

Long Slit Dress - Forever21
Grey Beanie - TopMan
Clutch - Zara
Straps Boot c/o Pretty for Less

This is the first time we took photos by iPhone 5s, enjoy :)
 Photo by Albert Winata

Monday, March 17, 2014


Hey Hooo Guyss !! How are you? I'm in a good mood because of the weather is going to be Summer. Yayyy ! So I just wore something basic to accompany my Sunday yesterday. This is my new cut-simple top that I designed. Actually, Fashion designer is my job and usually I made some dresses (Party dress, Prom dress, etc) for custom-made. For more info and portfolio, you can follow my ig @novarinna_tan and don't forget to follow my personal ig @novarinna.
Hey Summer, please come faster and be kind because I really miss beach and swimsuit so badly :))

Headband - Forever21
Skirt c/o Persunmall
Sling Bag - Topshop
Boots c/o Sammydress

Photos by Albert Winata

Monday, March 10, 2014

Break the Rules !

Happy Monday people ! It's been 2 weeks since my last post, I'm so sorry for too long update my blog. I'm kinda busy for a couple months ago until now. Hope everything gonna be amazing in the end. And then, how do you spent your weekend? Yesterday I go to the "Insta Nusantara" photowalk (actually, this is my bf and his team event), Yes.. They took "Human Interest" concept. This is my first time and that was really great event.    

This is one of my favourite outfit, very comfort and really love the rebel's detail on jeans. Actually, the jeans is too big for me, but I love the "oversize" volume on me, hmm.. I think I look more taller with this outfit. Ooppss.. don't forget to follow my instagram account @novarinna . Okayyy, here you go.

Hat - PullnBear
Rebel's Jeans - @Mischellecollection (instagram)
Boots - Sammydress

Photos by Albert Winata

Monday, February 24, 2014

Wake Me Up When It's Summer

My outfit today is based on Jakarta's weather, you know, it keeps raining and raining all day long here. I'm seriously miss some brighter sky. Can't wait to see you Summer! I really love my new long sleeve loose shirt, the fabric is quite soft and I love it's loose volume, makes me look a lil' bit skinny and my lenght body look longer. And Oh ! I'm wearing my boyfriend's pants to complete the whole look. Make me even more taller! 

Since this week is the last week of February, I think I want some changes on next month. Maybe dyed my hair? What do you think guys? 

Shirt c/o @sevendecember
Braceletes c/o @s_minkish
Pants - Uniqlo
Necklace - Topshop
Pointed Heeled Sandals - Stradivarius

Photos by Albert Winata

Monday, February 17, 2014

Matryoshka Doll

Hellow everyone ! How's your weekend? It would be amazing ,rite?
Who does not know about the Matryoshka doll? I'm so sure you guys know about this cute doll from Russia, also known as Russian nesting/nested doll, refers to a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside the other. 

I'm so surprise when I got the package from Persunmall. Yes, You are right! I got this super cute Matryoshka doll skirt. I really love the fabric, quite soft and the fit is very good on me, and the colorfull really can cheer me up (summer, please come faster!) because almost 1-2 month with the weird weather, rainy and flooded in Jakarta. I promise this skirt will be one of my favorite stuff in my closet. Super love it! Thanks so much Persunmall.

Matryoshka Doll Skirt c/o Persunmall
"Novarinna" Bracelet c/o @s_minkish
Headband - Forever21
Crop Top - Stradivarius
Boots - Dresslily

Photos by Albert Winata

Monday, February 3, 2014

Into the Garden

Happy Chinese New Year for everyone who those celebrated. I'm so sorry not update my blog for 3 weeks, it's because of rainy eveyday in Jakarta so I can't do some photoshot. Yesteday flooding everywhere and included my home area, so I had to walk about 1 mile (because the only way that can be passed full of f**king jammed and of course with the flood everywhere) to get to the highway and continued on with another vehicle and train to get to the office for 1-2 weeks. But  I'm so happy right now because the situation is back to normal.

 Dress - Zara
Hat - Pullnbear
Braceletes c/o @s_minkish
Boots c/o Dresslily

Yayy.. I really really love my new bracelets. I'm so affected because they gave my name into their collection , Novarinna bracelet (Paris). Get your own style with @s_minkish

Wohooo.. This is my super lovely boots from Dresslily. I love this boots because the shoes are very comfortable and do not make the pain even though walk all day long.  They have a good quality leather fabric and make my leg looks longer. So, don't waste your time gurls just click their website : Dresslily

Photo by Albert Winata