Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lotte World

A World of Magic and Fantasy

It's really really amazing and fun place.. and you have to try all of the games in there.
The decoration is really colorfull, so comfortable and fun to spent your day in there.
Check it out ;)

 Indoor Decoration
It is fun , right? ;)

Oh My GOD!! Gyro Swing is so much fun..
if u in the up , u can see how beautifull Seoul..and it's so freezing guyss..brrrr...
You have to try it ;p

Okeyy..now we go to gallery in Lotte World

3D Gallery
Speechless..I don't know how to say how amazing the pictures.
Here it is ;)


 Hope i will be an angel :)

Oke Guys.. This is the last post about my trip in Seoul, Korea.
Hope u can enjoy my story and of course i hope u go vacation in Korea :)


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